Every single Israeli has become a target of friends of Palestinians

Every single Israeli has become a target of Palestinians




Every single Palestinian has become a target of Israel read more here







So if a British newspaper can make this statement as a headline it cannot be illegal to write


Every single Israeli has become a target of Palestinians



unless you're a coloured skin person like Glen Jenvey who was arrested for http://www.theguardian.com/media/2009/dec/31/glen-jenvey-arrested





Yes if you're muslim or black or brown skinned youre not allowed to say the same as jews and white british people and watch the comments by american’s and jew’s and whites insult the fact if you're a supporter of palestinian freedom from a jewish master race who don’t even come from palestine and who own faith does not say in any holy books anything about a coming messiah they pray for daily, even with not one bit of single proof in their torah or any scrolls a false claim like their claim on palestine.


Palestinians are being massed murdered and western so called world leaders are allowing this to happen as normal ,The jewish state have stolen land from the palestinians and built fences and walls which have made palestine the biggest prison camp the world has seen. as a single person i do not agree and suggest arab country unite with palestinians and fight Israel back . To fight back could mean by destroying the value of western governments money by selling oil not just in dollars but any currency other than dollar who value is set by the American jewish supporting government.


Other ways could be asking for weapons from china and Russia to fight israeli tanks and planes that bomb and shot at palestinian children.this is mass murder going on and there cannot be any hope of peace with America claiming to talk peace like they have done for years while secretly giving arms to Israel like the UK , peace organisations in israel are false and have been used for the Israeli army to spy on palestinians .


The UN are allowing people to be murdered because of their faith and skin color again funded by Jewish businessmen, Arab leaders claim to support Palestine but never do anything as they are more interested in their weapons,money,and support of America than justice and freedom. This is why so many young muslims support Al-qaida due to the injustice of the world towards Palestine. even with hamas being rejected by Al-qaida but the palestinian people are not rejected by al-qaida look at where Dr Azzam came from the spiritual head of Al-qaida Palestine.


The latest insult to human rights and mass murder of civilians by Israel will cause more death destruction for years thanks to the actions of racist Jews and lack of action by weak western in the pocket so called world leaders .must sane people wish to live in peace in this world it's a dream with present attack's on women children and fathers and brothers of Palestinians. it is so wrong what is happening it's something that will go down in history as proof that Israel are following Hitler with genocide a race of people and snatching land using violence the same violence they used to build their illegal state of Israel when they bombed british soldiers.


I find it hard to see how any one can support a nation killing children it is every man's freedom to agree with the fact that Palestinians should learn from past peace talks and request emergency help from around the world to fight with force Israel back.will any arab nations support with military force the palestinians or will only groups like Al-qaida with their own dislike for the way hamas governs in what they say is un islamic way come to the rescue of palestinians. as a researcher it's interesting for me to watch who will support the Palestinians within the Muslim world and non muslim world.